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I am the co-founder of the brand Hindsight Vintage: a sunglasses brand currently sold on Topman & ASOS (see stockists). When I meet people for the first time, they ask me questions about our brand. I wrote these questions and answers down. I think this is a useful way to introduce our brand.


So why do your customers buy from you and not from someone else?


Our sunglasses are over 20 years old, they are of their time, they have never been worn and they are reasonably priced.


Are they unique?


They are. The unique selling point is they’re the last of their kind in the world. When people hear that they suddenly want a pair.


So are Hindsight Vintage glasses genuine vintage then?


Yes, because they are. They have never been worn. They never touched the retail floor. The manufacturer sent the glasses straight to the warehouses. I mean our brand has a story to tell…


So has somebody been holding all these glasses for up to 40 years then?


Yes, every year manufacturers make more sunglasses than retailers sell. So all the glasses that aren’t sold get stockpiled in manufacturers warehouses. After some time, people approach those manufacturers to liquidate their stock. These sunglasses then go to central places where they are held. So they go straight from the manufacturer to these warehouses, and they are never even opened. A similar thing happens with unworn vintage clothing.  This happened up to 40 years ago: 70s until the early 90s, however, most were manufactured in the 80s.

Buying vintage is ethical and sustainable: as we are using items which have already been made we not using new resources.

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Sightsavers is an international charity that works to combat blindness in developing countries.

For us it’s simple. The medication to prevent blindness is cheap; £28 for river blindness treatment for a whole community. The operations to restore eyesight are cheap; £30 for a cataract operation to restore someone’s sight. However, the results are life changing. We are committed to helping Sightsavers. We give 5% of net profits to the charity.


(Based on information from Sightsavers. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.sightsavers.org/. [Accessed 30 November 14])

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